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The end of the book is Hassan Madan


Dr. Hasan Madan

We think that our relationship with any book, at the time of reading it, gives us different feelings at each stage of that reading. What we feel when we are at the beginning of the book is different from what we feel when we are in the middle of it, and what we feel when we finish it is different from what we felt in the previous two instances. These strange sensations are so vague that they are not easy to explain. First, we need to examine what the book is about, is it exciting or useful? This is what occupies us at the moment, and the answer may be positive, and if it is negative, if the book seems, at its beginning, to lack attraction, pleasure or interest, we console ourselves with the fact that the following pages may dispel these negative feelings towards the book and its author, and therefore give us a chance to continue. Here too expectations can be right or disappointed, and not everyone is ready to continue reading in case of disappointment. , but some may have enough determination to continue regardless of the reason.

But if the writer succeeds in moving us smoothly from its beginning to its middle, he is able to take us to the conclusion with the same tenderness, and as we approach them we feel the speed of desire to finish it increasing. , and there is an important psychological element in this matter, the sense that we are nearing the end. It can create in us a desire to reach it quickly. Not much else, why not finish it quickly? The best person to express this sentiment was the French writer Marcel Proust (1871-1922) in his book “Reading Days”. Although this book was short, he gained less fame than his novel “In Search of”. Last Time” in its seven parts, is considered one of the most famous works of French and international literature.

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Describing his interest in reading since childhood, Proust said in “Reading Days” that his reading hours might be late at night, but on those days he had reached the final chapter of a lesson. The book, “When There’s Not Much Left.” I have to read it and get to the end,” his family would be punished if they found him staying up late, and the insomniac book was finished. Once his family fell asleep, he would light the candle again and continue reading until he finished the book.

Proust didn’t just say that. He added the following: “The last page is read, the book is finished.” I regained my breath with a deep sigh as the voice followed them silently to stop the frantic flow of eyes.

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