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The exit of the leaders of Bashir’s regime from the Gobar prison is confusing the political arena


The announcement that Kobar had been released from prison sparked a violent shake-up in the balance of power between the leaders of ousted President Omar al-Bashir’s regime, who have been imprisoned on death row charges for four years. Between the military and the Rapid Support Forces and the “Islamists” and supporters of the “Salvation Government” who are trying to regain their power through officers loyal to them in the military, it hastened to repudiate them.
After the last leader of the defunct National Congress Party, Ahmad Muhammad Haroon, announced his release from the Central Jail in Gobar, in an audio recording, the remaining prison guards shifted them under a limited guard of three. Until a judicial order to release them came, however, that decision failed.
Haroun explained that they made a special decision to take on the responsibility of providing security for themselves in the face of escalating conflicts around their shelters. He declared that he was ready to re-appear whenever the judicial authority fulfilled its mandate because of his confidence in their legal standing.

Last Sunday, authorities released the inmates of the Gobar Central Jail after clashes between the army and Rapid Support Forces near the headquarters led to massive protests over shortage of cooking gas and water. Rapid Support forces attacking al-Huda prison north of Omdurman released the army and its prisoners, while Rapid Support said a force impersonating him had stormed the prison to free twenty members of the General Intelligence Service. They were sentenced to death after they were accused of killing a peaceful protester at the beginning of the revolution that toppled the regime of former President Omar al-Bashir.
Haroun said the leaders of what he called the “National Salvation Revolution” had been in prison for nine days under fighting between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, sharing security conditions and conditions with other prison inmates. Lack of basic necessities, and disruption of electricity, water and health care, resulted in deaths and injuries among those who were attacked, including the wounded and prisoners in prison forces.
He explained that all the prisoners, except a few of the prison commanders and officers who stayed with them, had to force their way out to escape the dire conditions inside. “Over the years, we have been held hostage to appease political, regional and international powers,” he said.

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Ibrahim Senussi

Haroun declared full support for the armed forces (army) in the battle between them and the supporting forces: “We make a complete distinction between those in power and the institutions of the nation state, the foremost of which is our armed forces. We will fight with honor, courage and valor as we promised them, and our people and We call upon all of our members to rally further and support them.Disbanded, to join the military and leave their current leadership, he considered leading a “personal and family project.”
In a statement, the Quick Support Forces viewed Haroun’s message as a revelation of exposed facts, and spoke on behalf of the leaders of the defunct regime, revealing the role of what he called “stabbing forces” and “stabbing forces”. The Mujahideen Brigades” release and release from prison, according to a plan agreed between the two sides, is aimed at “undermining the people’s revolution” by military leaders and their allies from the defunct regime, according to Rapid’s support statement.

Abdul Rahim Muhammad Hussain

The Sudanese military also responded with a statement in which “rebel fighters” (rapid support forces) entered women’s prisons in al-Huda, Soba and Omdurman, forced prison guards to release prisoners, and killed inmates. Prison force personnel injured some, and Central Jail authorities at Gobar released prisoners as water, electricity and catering services were disrupted.
The statement categorically denied its connection with the process of releasing jailed rescue leaders, and said that the prison administration was solely responsible: “The power to manage/supervise the country’s prisons is beyond its jurisdiction and under the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior – Prisons Police.”
In a statement signed on behalf of the military spokesperson, the military denied any links to the statements released by any parties or individuals released from prison, including the statement of Ahmed Haroon, who is being detained in the background. Ahmad Harun, or his political party, or the administration of the country’s prisons, falls under the responsibility of the Sudanese Interior and Police.

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Ahmed Haroon

In a second statement attached to the first statement, the military spokesman said that some military “defendants of June 3” (meaning the rescue plot) had been kept in Alia Military Hospital before the explosion because of their health. He called the “insurgency” and they are Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, Bakri Hassan Salih, Abdul-Rahim Muhammad Hussein, Ahmad al-Tayeb al-Kanjar, who are still in the custody and charge of the Judiciary Police. and Yusuf Abdel-Battah, except for citizen Ali Al-Hajj Muhammad, who is being detained at Ahmed Qasim Hospital for treatment on medical recommendation.
In light of widespread allegations of complicity with “Kisan”, the Armed Forces statement warned that the rebels were media mouthpieces, accusing them of misleading and confusing people, adding: “The position of the Armed Forces will be clear. In this matter, it is to categorically reject any desperate attempts to link what is happening in prisons to its national position.” , which is now taking on the defenders of the defunct agreement, the defenders of treachery and treason, the defenders of the blessings of its leader with the testimony of all the people of Sudan. The Ministry of Interior, in a statement, on Wednesday, rapid support forces entered five prisons, including the Gobar prison. The attack on the Gobar prison killed and wounded several prison administration staff and He explained that all the prisoners were released.

Ali Uthman Daha

The “Forces for Freedom and Change” coalition, which signed a “structural agreement” with the army and rapid support forces, said Haroun’s statement confirmed what some said was a “destroyed regime and its disbanded party”. Together with their elements in the armed and regular forces, they are behind the “war” to return to power by any means. He considered that the fact that Aaron had been chosen to speak on their behalf explained the message to be delivered. He also warned that “the war was ignited by a dysfunctional regime that will lead the country to collapse and that the civil and military parties will not be able to achieve any of the key issues they want to resolve through the political process.”
Yasser Saeed Arman, spokesman for the “Forces for the Declaration of Independence and Change”, in a tweet on “Twitter”, said that the statements of the escapee Ahmed Haroun on behalf of Al-Bashir and others, expand the scope of the war, against the will of Sudan and the regional and international community, and the Sudanese to stop the war. Confirm the need to mobilize efforts, not expand it.
The editor-in-chief of the independent newspaper, Al-Jarida, Ashraf Abdel Aziz, considered Haroun’s statement a serious “humiliation” for the Sudanese military, as it reinforced the hypothesis of the commander of the Rapid Support Forces, General Muhammad Hamdan Taghalo. , Haroun used in his statement that the decision to provoke the war was supported by the leaders of the defunct regime, who not only supported the army, but considered his war a war of honor.
Abdel Aziz referred to a statement urging party members to join the war, adding: “There were rumors of a solid relationship and coordination between the two sides, which the army tried to deny. Its statement reached its level after it had a negative impact on public opinion.

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