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The expected iPhone 14 will use the ProMotion screen on all versions


The iPhone is still a few months away from becoming official, but rumors have been circulating on the Internet since Apple released the iPhone 13 last year, and amidst all the rumors, Haidong International Securities has revealed a research note, analyst Jeff Pu told all. The iPhone 14 models will have a promotion display that enables screen update rates varying up to 120 Hz.

Currently, the promotion display is only available on the iPhone 13 series Pro models. But if Jeff believes that the non-Pro models in the iPhone 14 line will also benefit from the higher update rate offer.

The researcher expects all four iPhone 14 models in the current iPhone 13 line to offer at least 6GB of RAM, 4GB of RAM, however, Apple is unlikely to extend the benefit of increased RAM to the Pro models. Settle on the same 6GB RAM as the current iPhone 13 Pro models.

Also, the Pro models will have a 48MP main camera and upgraded storage from 128GB to 256GB, Pu says. Clearly, if you choose to buy the iPhone 14 Pro, the minimum is 256GB. However, regular iPhone 14 models start with 64GB.

Other than the 48-megapixel main camera, nothing else has been confirmed by Poe. Meanwhile, Apple is said to be releasing the iPhone 14 in September.

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