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Tsunami hits Kingdom of Tonga after eruption of underwater volcano “Honga” .. Video


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Communications were cut off after an underwater volcano erupted in the southern Pacific kingdom of Tonga on Sunday.

The tsunami was triggered by a volcanic eruption in Hong Kong. Local media in the island chain said the waves had swamped property, ash had fallen and telephone wires had fallen. New Zealand experienced high tide.

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.

Reports from Tonga have been scarce due to telephone and internet access interruptions, but there have been reports of loud eruptions, smoke clouds and lightning destroying homes and buildings due to the volcanic eruption.

The Civil Defense Commission in Northland, north of New Zealand, has confirmed that boats sank in a harbor caused by tsunami waves.

The authority added: “Daylight confirmed the extent of the devastation at the port of Totoka, which brought bad news to many boat owners, and permitting work has already begun.”

The New Zealand National Emergency Management Agency said “people at or near the sea should be evacuated from water, beaches and coastal areas and ports, rivers and estuaries” but would not call for the evacuation of residents.

“Hong Kong is the largest eruption ever to occur on the Hong Kong Habai Volcano, and the eruption is still ongoing.”

Emily Lynn, head of the Water and Atmospheric Research Program at the New Zealand National Institute, said the eruption was “very serious.”

He added: “The resulting shock wave could be clearly seen through satellite images, and there are reports of explosions in remote areas such as New Zealand.”
The volcano is located about two thousand kilometers northeast of New Zealand.

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