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What happened to you?


One of the things we rarely talk about in our Arab communities is mental health. And if we eat it we only hold its skin and leave the rest. Many of us go beyond the barriers of talking about sex, religion and politics to mental health! We know this big elephant without even touching it or our shock (TRAUMA)!
In their book (What Happened to You), Dr. Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey deal with the issue of mental health and the mental health of humans, especially children, and their psychological trauma that may develop with them. These traumas can shape a person’s personality and, after taking over the past, play a major role in his or her present and future. Because of this, psychological trauma should not be left untreated, especially after a person becomes aware of its presence. Psychological trauma varies from one person to another, depending on their environment, their family, their circumstances, their attitudes and many other factors. One person may be psychologically traumatized from a harmful situation, another may be psychologically traumatized after repeating a harmful situation in his or her life, and so on.
The situation will vary from person to person. Because of this, Dr. Bruce Perry would like to ask someone who has covered himself – for example -: What happened to you in your life that you became like this? (What happened to you?) To the same person’s question: What is wrong with you? (What’s wrong with you?). This is the question we ask when we see someone different from us in mood, taste, style, thought, and so on.
Despite the trauma of the death of a loved one, the abandonment of a father, the illness of a friend, or the acceptance of a major responsibility, the reality is that most people experience one or more psychological traumas. At a young age, or other harmful or large circumstances on the person, when he could not bear or absorb it, his trauma kept its effects on himself and his life. These psychological traumas reveal their impact on work, a person can not leave his family because he feels responsible for them or can have an impact on the relationship where a person emotionally or unknowingly – – continue in a healthy relationship because he saw failed parents and their divorce.
In their book, Bruce Berry and Oprah Winfrey deal with trauma treatment through a number of methods: First, treatment with medications prescribed by a psychiatrist (unfortunately this is the usual method). Second, cognitive behavioral therapy is treated. Third, by interacting with people and living in loving and supportive groups. Fourth, therapy, i.e., writing, drawing, walking, or any other act that is not subject to the effects of his psychological trauma, by finding harmony and organizing the soul through actions or deeds that regulate human behavior and life.
The situation today is much better than in the past, it is easier to talk about mental health than it was twenty years ago, but we are still in the beginning and there is a lot to do, to do and a lot to talk about. In order to live a better and happier life in the light of balanced and stable mental health. Let’s get started now.

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