June 3, 2023

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The first photo of Princess Latifa of Dubai is abroad

A new photo showing Princess Latifa at Madrid’s Barajas Airport was released on Instagram on Monday, June 21, according to the UN. Life certificate of the daughter of the ruler of Dubai.

Then UK media coverage of videos In which Sheikh Latifa said he would be retained “Hostages” And fearing for his life, the UN. Evidence for the princess’ life in the United Arab Emirates in February was sought at the end of May.

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She is the 35-year-old daughter of Dubai’s ruler and prime minister Mohammed bin Rachard al – Maktoum United Arab Emirates, Did not attempt to escape by boat in 2018 from this Gulf city-state.

He was not seen in public from that failed escape attempt.

The AFP could not verify the authenticity, or an account by the name of “Shinniprain” was released on Monday.

We see two women wearing anti-Govt masks near a tormak.

“Beautiful Holidays in Europe with Latifa”

“Beautiful holidays in Europe with Latifa. We enjoy exploring! “The person who posted the photo named it Cionet Taylor, according to British newspapers, and said it was the Barajas Airport in Madrid.

The United Arab Emirates has not yet commented.

“We are happy to have a passport to Latifa and to travel and enjoy more freedom. These are very positive steps.”Said David Hay, co-founder of the campaign «Free Latifa.

“Many members of the campaign team were contacted directly by Latifa”, He added in a statement.

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Conflicting information

Last month, Zionist Taylor already released Two photos with a woman presented as Sheikh Latifa, A third woman appears in a restaurant, and another in a Dubai mall.

In these photos, Princess Latifa shows a very slight smile and a glassy look. Many comments have called into question the authenticity of these images and pointed to a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the princess.

In a statement released in February, he said Dubai’s ruling family was Sheikh Latifa “Home care” And “His condition is improving”.