May 28, 2023

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The French “Lille Opera” opens its centennial program with Mozart’s “Don Giovanni.”

The opera house in the French city of Lille is celebrating the centenary of its founding in 1923 with a modern version of Mozart’s opera “Don Giovanni” and a series of dance concerts. For the 2023-2024 season.

The opera “Don Giovanni,” considered one of Mozart’s “masterpieces,” will be presented at the beginning of the season in early October under the supervision of the orchestra leader and harpsichord, explained house director Caroline Sonrier. Pianist Emmanuel Ayam.

Opera was presented when the house reopened in 2003, after being closed for five years for rehabilitation.

He pointed out that this version of “Don Giovanni” “deals with a very current topic in Mozart’s work or in current reality, which is a means of gaining power and how that can be offensive or aggressive.”

Belgian director Guy Cassier conducts a “political reading steeped in contemporary social issues” through the work, and accompanies the movement on stage with video footage.

Almost 100 years after the “Lille Opera” opened, it presents a concert on October 11, reviving the program for the opening night of the house on October 7, 1923.

In the same month, a German group presents a German and French opera commemorating the German occupation between 1916 and 1918 before it was officially opened.

In December, a parquet floor will be installed to turn the opera into a ballroom for several dance parties.

In the program, Wagner’s “Tristan and Isolt” was shown in March, directed by Diego Rodriguez, the new director of the Avignon festival, and the season ended in June 2024 with “The Bad” by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss.

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