June 7, 2023

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The "grain agreement" does not prevent us from continuing our operations in Ukraine

The “grain agreement” does not prevent us from continuing our operations in Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that there would be no restrictions on grain exports from Ukrainian ports after Ukraine and Russia signed an agreement in Turkey last week. Export of grain from Black Sea ports.

After that he speaks Russian missiles bombed Odessa port On Saturday, Lavrov said the strike was aimed at the port’s military infrastructure.

Saturday’s bombing at Odessa port

He told a press conference that there was nothing in the grain deal signed by Russia to prevent Russia from continuing to attack military installations in Ukraine.

In this context, although the grain export agreement with Russia was signed last Friday, Ukraine will not completely remove mines from the port area, the spokesman of the military administration of the city of Odessa said today, Monday.

“Odessa port opened for export of Ukrainian grain, despite recent Russian bombardment of port infrastructure, not fully demining involved,” Ukrainian news agency quoted Serhiy Prachuk as saying.

The spokeswoman added that ships would go through short routes from the three ports mentioned in the agreement, including Odessa.

Russia and Ukraine signed a memorandum of understanding in Istanbul under the auspices of the United Nations.Aimed at facilitating the arrival of grains Unfettered global markets to solve the stifling food crisis.

The agreement was signed in Turkey on Friday

The agreement was signed in Turkey on Friday

Ukraine announced today that it expects to export its first shipments of grain “this week” under an agreement signed with Moscow, which is crucial for shipping goods, despite Russian bombings that targeted the port of Odessa on Saturday.

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Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kobrakov told a press conference, “We expect the contract to start working in the next few days and we expect to establish a coordination center in Istanbul in the next few days. We are preparing everything to start this week.”

He pointed out that the main obstacle to grain exports is the dangers of Russian bombing, especially after Saturday’s strike on the Black Sea port of Odessa, considered a hub for grain exports.