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The graphics improvements of the GTA trilogy are disappointing


Recently, the GTA The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition set was unveiled, and this announcement made the audience even happier than the new generation GTA 5.

Many players were excited about the idea of ​​playing classic parts of the GTA with better graphics and more details, especially when converting the development to the Unreal Engine, which would lead to big improvements in graphics.

Rockstar has never seen any graphics that show the quality of the graphics, but today someone posted on Reddit that the reason why Rockstar changed the upgraded trilogy to Unreal is that the renderware base engine is not compatible with modern hardware.

But, according to Leaker, we should not expect major improvements in the graphics, as the upgraded versions will be similar to the original games, but with slight improvements in the faces and improvements in the animation. Except for providing better lighting.

Going into the game, Leaker said the same shooting mechanism will be used from the original game, but with improvements in shooting dynamics to give the impression of what we experienced in GTA 5 5. Also, the damage system for cars will be more powerful.

We learned that the Dundee Group is nearing completion of development of the trilogy and has begun developing a mobile version in preparation for launch in 2022.

Recently, a rumor spread that the store version of the updated GDA trilogy will be available in December.



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