March 25, 2023

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The team that beat the fans in the Egyptian league was fined one million pounds

The Egyptian Professional Club Association has announced a 1 million fine for a team entering the tournament ground in terms of the new season of 2021-2022.

The list, announced by Amar Hussain, a member of the club association that oversees the meetings, includes a penalty of மில்லியன் 1 million in the event of a flood, beating the team and deducting 3 points from it.

The club association officially announced the launch of the new Egyptian Premier League on 25 October. Club Association.

Ahmed Thiap, president of the Professional Clubs Association, confirmed on the seventh day that the association had agreed with the Interior Ministry to return the public to stadiums in the first week of the new league.

During the Premier League draw yesterday, Ahmed Diab said: “The league’s goal is to seek only the interest of Egyptian football. . Scientist “.


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