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The high school train reaches its last stop.. Students take exams in biology, philosophy, algebra and engineering.. Education affirms: cheating or faking questions and withholding their results.. Revision continues within constraints.


Written by Mahmood Taha Hussain

Wednesday, July 12, 2023 at 01:00 PM

Exams are here High school In its last stop, students will take the Biology exam for the Science section, Algebra and Topology for the Maths section, Engineering and Philosophy and Logic for the Literature section students on Thursday, July 13.

The Ministry informed that the specifications of the Biology exam are total 60 marks, the number of essay questions is 2 questions 4 marks and objective questions 44 questions are allotted 56 marks to them. Questions 46 Questions, Philosophy and Logic, Total Marks 60 Marks. The number of essay questions is 2, with 4 marks, and the objective questions are 44, with 56 marks, making the total number of questions 46.

For pure mathematics, its total mark is 60 marks, for algebra and geometry 30 marks, and the number of essay questions is 2 questions for 4 marks, and objective questions 18 questions for 26 marks. The total number of questions was 20 questions, and Calculus and Integration, in which the students performed the tests.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education said that 70% of the questions in Biology, Philosophy and Logic are for simple and medium mental levels and 30% are for higher thinking and the questions are fully protected till they reach the students.

Responsible sources in the Ministry of Education and Technical Education have confirmed that since the commencement of the 2023 Public Intermediate Examinations, all those involved in filming questions or answers and publishing them in cheating groups have been disqualified. From entering the exam for a period of two years, and the deficit can be achieved from the article of public or student violation, which the legal affairs of the Ministry will examine these facts and they will be completed and the penalties approved by the Minister of Education and Technical Education before announcing the end of the public secondary school 2023.

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All the facts of exclusion of the concerned students from the examination are documented with evidence, videos recorded on surveillance cameras or monitored by barcode on the question book after photographing the examination areas of the student. Uploaded them to phishing pages.

Many people in charge of some exam boards were punished who proved to be careless and negligent during the exams and some of them were involved in filming the questions and answers and publishing them on electronic cheating pages. Saying: Do not underestimate any wrongdoer whose negligence or carelessness is proven.

Regarding the revision and monitoring of standards, the Ministry of Education and Technical Education confirmed that the work within the restrictions continues as usual, and a number of study subjects have been revised, especially physics and history subjects in which students passed quickly, and for the subjects that students took exams for before the Eid holidays, Al- Aada is completely fixed, the results are promising and reassuring and this year will be the result of high school exams. As the first two batches graduated according to the new evaluation system in the public secondary school, a stark contrast to the results of the last two years, it emphasized that the totals would be high and balanced depending on diligent students and their students. Achievement of learning outcomes.

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