March 30, 2023

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The innovative NASA helicopter is emitting spacecraft debris from Mars

Strange but unbelievable images of the wreckage of the NASA rover that helped carry NASA’s Creative Helicopter to the Red Planet last year have returned to Earth.

As I mentioned CBS News, Brilliant, the first helicopter to fly to another planet, captured these 10 color aerial photos of the wreckage of diligence. NASA believes The images “have the potential to help ensure safe landings for future spacecraft.”

NASA brilliant photos of the wreckage of perseverance

Pictures show the Tenacity Faxpeare and the supersonic parachute that helped the rover land safely in the Martian atmosphere. Although the landing was very successful, these areas received some of the damage expected when landing.

“Perseverance in the history of cameras showing everything from proceeding inflation to landing is the best document for landing on Mars,” said Ian Clark, JBL’s former Perseverance Systems engineer and former Percussion Systems engineer. Mars model .. but photos of creativity offer a different perspective. It would be amazing if they could improve our systems as we think or provide a single set of engineering information that could be used to redesign the model of Mars. Otherwise, the photos will be even more amazing and inspiring.

Last year there was a secret message umbrella encrypted, which was found to contain the secret message “Dare to do the right thing”, which was used by the diligence team.

Perseverance began on July 30, 2020, and successfully landed on Mars on February 18, 2021. Its purpose is to look for signs of living conditions and to look for signs of past microbial life.

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Blogger Image Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

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