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The iPhone 15 Pro comes with a lower camera with Face ID


Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 14 Pro series soon. The new lineup will bring significant changes compared to the iPhone 13 which has the same design language as its predecessor. In fact, the new iPhone 14 series will bring the most significant changes from the iPhone X in 2017. The iPhone 13 has a slight climax, but the iPhone 14 Pro drops it for the dual aperture design. After many years, the apple will go in the direction of the hole. The company will bring a completely innovative central double hole to the existing industry. Recently, however Reports This indicates that the company’s core plan is to move to underscreen camera technology. According to a new report, the iPhone 15 Pro will be its first model.

IPhone 15 Pro with UD Camera – Really?

Honestly, we recommend digesting this with a pinch or two of salt. After all, it’s hard to believe that Apple will bring so many innovations in such a short period of time. The company has been very reluctant to change the basic iPhone design. No camera will be brought under the screen unless you are 100 percent sure it will work like a traditional camera. Of course, the whole industry is moving forward in this regard. And the ultimate goal of smartphone giants is to completely eliminate the traditional selfie camera for a solution that can have amazing quality even under the shelf.

According to a report by the South Korean news agency TheElec (via) GSMArenaSamsung Display and OTI Lumionics are developing new generation UD cameras. It will debut on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 next year, and then move on to Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro models in the fall of 2023.

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It has been reported that Samsung Display has teamed up with OTI Lumionics to create a new generation of organic cathodic accessories. It helps to open “microscopic transparent windows in cathode and OLED pixel layers”. This makes the screen completely transparent. This will allow Apple to install advanced Face ID sensors at the bottom of the screen. The infrared sensor works as usual when the screen is opened. This makes the screen clean and clutter-free for visual enthusiasts to enjoy.

No wonder the Galaxy Z Fold5 is fitted with an advanced camera under the display. In fact, even the Galaxy Z Fold3 already comes with an under-display camera. So it is only natural that we should expect Samsung to continue to improve the technology for future devices. However, Apple is always playing a safe game when it comes to new technologies. The company will use the new technology only after it has been fully tested and approved.

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