March 29, 2023

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The Jetta port enhances its operational capability with the “Cargo TOS” system

DB World – Jeddh has successfully introduced the CARGOES TOS + System Unit for operations and planning.

“Every year, dbworld Jeddah manages billions of dollars of merchandise targeting retailers and consumers across the country,” said Mohammed Al-Sheikh, CEO of dbworld Jeddah and regional head of the company in Saudi Arabia. Operations and scheduling system “CARGOES TOS +” is a technology developed by DB World that has generally demonstrated its effectiveness in improving and improving the performance of operations. We & # 39; re very pleased to see improvements in our functional KPIs within the first 10 days of system launch, and look forward to further improvements in our operations at DB World Jeddah.

With its application and integration capabilities, the CARGOES TOS + scheduling and operational system will pave the way for DB World Jeddah to continue its automated journey, providing a sophisticated and robust integration environment for equipment automation software and real-time matching system applications. Real estate (RTLS), is currently underway in our digital transformation and smart commerce projects.

In last week’s release the “N4” interface – the bridge that connects the system and the users – made the TOS + process and scheduling system in DP World the first container terminal to be used in the N4 backend.

Vice President of the Zodiac Dr. Mohammad Rahma said: “I am very proud of the achievements of our team over the years of experience. . Our goal is to design the future of smart port solutions using the latest technologies to accelerate the performance of containers through ports, thus saving time and money.

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Functions and Planning System Unit is an efficient and flexible container terminal operations planning scheme.

The team is pleased to launch and run the system on October 16, 2021, as it launches at Jetta to provide another partner to improve and enhance the package of Cargos DOS + solutions.