May 28, 2023

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Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the Boulevard Riyad City with the world's first event

Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the Boulevard Riyad City with the world’s first event

Visitors to the Riyadh season are set to open the “Boulevard Riyadh City” openings tomorrow for the first time in the world hosting international events, and it will be the most important entertainment venue and largest event venue. , Riyadh season, and this year is one of the most important new Saudi landmarks and is characterized by its continuity, making full use of its facilities throughout the year and in the years to come, it is an exceptional project. Hands-on, and by standards, it ranks first for visitors to Riyadh.

After its area has tripled over the previous season, its total area is estimated at 900,000 m2. With unprecedented specifications, except for its luxurious restaurants and cafes.

“Boulevard Riyadh City” consists of nine areas, each with its own events, restaurants and cafes, gardens, international sports centers, festivals and shops designed for all tastes and ages. Applies to the width of the fountain.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Commission for Entertainment, Mr. Turki bin Abdul Mohsen Al Sheikh, in a tweet on his Twitter account, assured visitors to the region that he would not be stopped from day one. Those interested in booking entry tickets through the link: .

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The activities of “Boulevard Riyadh City” include the “Crystal Labyrinth Experience”, which was held for the first time outside the United Kingdom, and its activities revolve around a challenge within the maze to experience experiences involving mental, motor, individual and group. Activities and the “Scrooge Experience” function, which is a dynamic game that involves a different experience in a vehicle in which the participant expresses all visual and emotional stimuli.
The area also includes the “Sleet of Hand Champions” event, a global event that combines 21 great magic games and hand-held slides, and the “Snow Dome” event offers winter activities such as the Ice Dome. In addition to a climbing wall, an ice park, and a giant slide for hockey, this is the largest slide with skating tracks for adults and children in the middle of a foggy environment.
In addition to the “Firstment” event, the “First Golf” event was held in Riyadh City Boulevard, an integrated entertainment venue for golf enthusiasts for the first time. Challenges of the war of colors, arrow throwing and other movement and exciting activities.
These events include “Talent Boulevard”, a talented experience under the supervision of professional business managers, turning talented people into stars in the Middle East and a presentation of the play “Peace Square”. “Mohamed Hendy starrer, a social drama full of fun situations that take place on the stage of the Bakr Theater tug-of-war;
Visitors to the “Boulevard Riyadh City” area are visited seven days a week, from 5:00 pm to 4:00 am. It also has more than 10,000 parking spaces for visitors. Parking spaces for wallet parking.
The region will host the world’s first international event, one of the largest theaters in the Middle East, and will feature high-quality cinema screens, showing the latest films before they hit international theaters. Covering an area of ​​22,280 square meters, there are theaters with up to 25 screens.

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