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The Korean leader oversaw the “test launch” of an intercontinental ballistic missile


“The test launch of the Hwasongfu-18 intercontinental ballistic missile was conducted as an important military operation, clearly demonstrating to the enemy the extreme desire and unparalleled power of the DPRK’s strategic nuclear forces,” the official news agency said.

The agency quoted Kim as saying the test sent a “clear signal to hostile forces.”

He also said Kim had “set important new tasks for the development of the DPRK’s strategic nuclear forces.”

The missile launched by Pyongyang was a solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile, a technology that makes missiles easier to transport and faster to launch than liquid-fueled missiles, South Korea said on Monday.

Monday’s test was North Korea’s third test of a solid-fueled intercontinental ballistic missile by the nuclear-armed state, following the first in April and the second in July.

Analysts saw the continuation of these tests as a sign of Pyongyang’s continued efforts to improve the technology.

Last year, North Korea declared itself an “irreversible” nuclear power.

Pyongyang has repeatedly insisted it will not abandon its nuclear program, which the regime considers essential to its survival.

These missile tests, UN Banned under resolutions issued by the Security Council, it follows an exchange of accusations between the US and South Korea on the one hand, and North Korea on the other.

On Friday, the United States and South Korea held the second session of the Nuclear Consultative Committee in Washington, during which the country discussed the issue of nuclear deterrence in the face of conflict with the North.

On Saturday, Washington and Seoul issued a strong warning to Pyongyang that any nuclear attack by the US or South Korea would mean the end of the North Korean regime.

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A North Korean defense ministry spokesman on Sunday criticized plans to expand the two countries’ annual joint military exercises to include training for nuclear operations.

North Korea conducted banned military tests this year.

In November, North Korea successfully put a military spy satellite into orbit.

Pyongyang confirms that the satellite provides it with images of military bases in the US and South Korea.

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