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In the Seychelles… a long cruise saves the wildlife there and our planet at the same time.


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Reconciling our desire to see the world with the need to reduce flights’ impact on the planet has become a major concern for major travel companies.

According to the International Energy Agency, aviation accounts for at least 2% of all global carbon emissions, with the sector’s footprint growing faster than that of roads, shipping and railways.

A study conducted by the European Union in 2017 showed that 85% of plans to offset global warming emissions from aviation have failed.

Today, leading operators want to adopt a new approach.

Natucate encourages travelers to vacation to the North Island of Seychelles.
Credit: Thanks Natucate

They advise travelers to take shorter trips and, if they do, stay longer.

UK-based Responsible Travel advises travelers to adopt this approach.

He says he reviews his trips to achieve high safety standards and respect local cultural heritage.

Visitors can participate in conservation projects, which provide a greater understanding of the region’s diversity.
Credit: Thanks Natucate

North Island in Seychelles

And in the North Island, Natucate has taken it to the next level.

Its flights are aimed at all people who want to take a year off or maximize their vacation.

These trips last from 26 to 52 days and have the opportunity to participate in the conservation of local tortoise and giant tortoise populations in collaboration with non-governmental organizations.

“The trend we’re seeing today is that travelers are cramming multiple vacations into one trip, then booking just one international trip every two years for longer stays,” says Daniel Cowell, CEO of Natucate.

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Cowell started the Natugat project 10 years ago, after spending time as a college student volunteering at several national parks across the United States.

He, in turn, wanted to change his life by going on conservation tourism.

Visitors can help research teams and scientists monitor the turtles.
Credit: Thanks Natucate

Cowell says long-haul flights have many benefits for all parties.

He continues: “We’re seeing people wanting to stay longer, becoming more aware of their impact on the environment and better understanding conservation work. They want to come for a seven-day rush.”

“NGOs need their participation for a long time, of course, they learn how the application works, how to work independently and the full project benefits,” he explains.

Additionally, such long journeys have a long-term positive impact far beyond the Seychelles.

“It helps create awareness about environmental protection,” says Koval.

He explained. You can do something for diversity.” BIOTECHNOLOGY IN YOUR GARDEN… This is certainly the result of what many of our customers have told us.

Turtles and trees

In the North Island, Natucate customers can participate in long-term environmental conservation and gain a greater understanding of the region’s biodiversity.

“We send people there for eight weeks or more to help the research team and the scientists on the island,” Cowell explains.

Visitors use GPS to help locate the giant tortoises on the island, ensuring they are protected and know their whereabouts.

But it’s not about animals. Cowell insists that Natucate’s work in the Seychelles is also holistic.

“We want to help local plants,” he emphasizes.

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This includes removing non-native plants and planting native trees.

“We planted trees that were supposed to be there because the island was home to coconut trees,” Cowell explains.

In the water, customers and scientists collaborate to identify and monitor fish and other marine life, ensuring ocean health is a top priority.

A growing travel trend

6% of U.S. workers took vacation in January 2022, double the number in January 2019, payroll processing firm Gusto found.

This, they say, links to a broader understanding of burnout and a willingness to put personal needs before ambition after the pandemic.

Natucate hopes that people who participate in conservation missions will continue to support the programs after they return home.Credit: Thanks Natucate

Koval points out that there is a greater willingness to take long breaks after the outbreak of the “Covid-19” pandemic.

“We see a lot of people who long for peace of mind,” he said, “they want to go into the wilderness, to be as far away as possible, and they want to do something good and meaningful.”

Cowell explains that one client stayed with them for 60 months to work on an environmental protection project.

Slower, more mindful sailing seems to be taking place in the North Island.

It is clear that Natucate’s work in the Seychelles has facilitated change.

Cowell explains that he enjoys the travel trend in the wider tourism industry when it comes to connecting with the natural world.

He added: “We are seeing huge demand. Even major tourism companies, and I don’t mean this negatively, want to be sustainable and protect the environment.”

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Natucate’s efforts in the Seychelles can point us all to a healthier way to travel.

In a world where short, quick trips are losing their appeal, it seems this slower, more mindful way of doing things is the future.

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