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The Last Battle of Pelogansk


And Russian “TASS” news agency on Saturday, Russian forces and Republic of Luhansk Its loyalists are preparing to “completely liberate the city of Lyschansk”, on the other hand, it has denied. Ukrainian forces City siege.

Lysisansk was the last troop pocket Ukraine in the area LuhanskEast of the country, and the third most important Ukrainian city According to experts and analysts.

The storm of the last jeep began

Against the backdrop of wars and Russian advances, the Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov Russian forces and the Luhansk People’s Army began to attack Luhansk’s Lysisansk, the last stronghold in Ukraine.

Kadyrov, according to Russian media, said: “The attack on the city was launched by Allied forcesLuhansk People’s ArmyA blockade has been imposed Mercenaries “The trap is complete, and Lizansk is now completely surrounded,” he said, adding that all entrances and exits to the city were closed.

For his part, Russian forces have intensified their combat efforts in eastern Ukraine, particularly in recent weeks, according to Russian military expert Shatylov Minkayev. Severodonetsk It was captured almost a week ago and its twin city, Lysizansk, is preparing to fall to Russian forces as a third strategic city.

Military expert Shatilov Minnikev, during his reports to “Sky News Arabia”, said that the process of the Lysansk fall was within two brackets or less, and was intended to contain it before the military intensification was extended. Arms of the West to Kiev aimed at deterring Russian expansion.

She is a Russian Ministry of Defense It said earlier today: “Over the past three days, the Lysizansk oil refinery, the Matroskaya mine, the gelatin plant and the village of Dupolevka have been taken under control.”

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In addition, Vitaly Kiselov, Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Luhansk People’s Republic, announced that more than two thousand fighters of the Kyivan Nazi forces and foreign mercenaries were besieged in their last stronghold in Luhansk, Lysansk; It is one of two provinces in the Donbass industrial region that Moscow seeks to fully control.

Ukrainians are scrambling to stem the tide

According to field data, Moscow-backed Luhansk forces reached the center of Lysansk, while flags of Luhansk forces were raised on official buildings in the city, and a street battle between Luhansk forces was witnessed in the streets of the city. Ukrainian forces, amid heavy fire from Russian military missiles.

Regarding Ukrainian desperation in the fight to prevent the city of Lizansk from falling to the Lugansk region, military expert Shatylov Minnikev said the region is an industrial city of 1.5 million people, located in the Donbass basin, which borders Russia. On the northern shores of the Black Sea, there are large coal reserves.

It is also at the center of a culture war between Kyiv and Moscow, which insists that the region, like much of eastern Ukraine, is inhabited by Russian speakers who must be protected from Ukrainian nationalism.

So far, no country has recognized the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk, the Minsk agreements provide for their survival within Ukraine, while providing them with a special legal status that protects their basic security and political interests, but Russia does not hide from providing humanitarian, moral. , political and economic support for the two republics, which have gained about 700,000 residents in recent years.

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With the city’s fall, it is the third strategic area after Mariupol and Severodonetsk in Russian hands, as the military operation controls ports, industrial and tourist areas in eastern and southern Ukraine. Russian forces aim to fully control Ukraine’s Black Sea coastline.

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