June 5, 2023

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Emirates News Agency – Interfaith gathering in London to outline vision for peace

London, July 2, WAM / Chairman of the Emirates Council for Sharia Fatwa and Founder and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Peace Council, Allama Abdullah bin Baiyyah, met with the UK Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Ephraim Mirwis, in the British capital, London. In the House of Lords historic speeches covered the commonwealth, Muslim-Jewish relations and common visions for the future.

The event, themed ‘Kindness, Compassion, Humanity and Prosperity of Religious Communities in the UK’, was the first joint meeting organized between the Abu Dhabi Peace Forum and the Office of the Chief Rabbi of the UK and the Commonwealth. Explores the need to recognize shared values ​​in making peace.

Allama bin Bayya said, “Coexistence is the only way for this region and the world – this is the reason, history and the holy books of all religions teach us – I hope that the contribution of the leaders will continue to spread peace and coexistence. The world, I wish to succeed in these efforts.”

Allama Bin Bayh is considered one of the world’s leading scholars in Islamic law and principles of jurisprudence and a reference in the discourse of tolerance. He devoted much of his life to elucidating the values ​​of equality, minority rights, and reconciliation between national and religious identities, as well as between Islam and other religions.

For his part, His Excellency Mansour Abdullah Khalfan Belhol, UAE Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, said, “I was inspired by the enlightening debate between Scholar Abdullah Bin Bayh and Chief Rabbi Mervis. Shared values ​​are an example of peaceful and constructive dialogue, which applies to diplomacy as much as to religion. ”

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For his part, Chief Rabbi Mervis said, “As a result of the new dialogue framework there has been a historic leap in relations between Muslims and Jews to use for good purposes… Seizing this opportunity is an urgent priority and we take responsibility. We enter a new era by building on the relationships that have been created between our religious communities in this country and abroad. , for the benefit of the communities of which we are a part.”

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Wam / Awad al-Mukhtar / Abdel Nasser Monim