March 31, 2023

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The last contest in the French presidential election

The last contest in the French presidential election

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will begin the last week of the election campaign today (Monday), which will see the most important televised debate between the two candidates before the final clash between them in the second round of the French presidential election in April 24.

A week before the second round of the election, nothing was decided, although recent polls showed he won 53 to 55.5 percent more than his far-right rival. The competition is fierce for Macron, who was elected President of France in 2017 with 66 percent of the vote.

The challenge in the second round is to justify this fierce fighting by forcing the undecided to exceed 26 percent in the first round and mobilizing the voters of the left.

The day after the first round, on April 10, the two finalists sent strong signals, such as environmental and social promises, to supporters of far-left leader Jean-Luc Mலlenchon, who came in third with nearly 22 percent of the vote. .

On Saturday, Emmanuel Macron was frequently criticized for his environmental achievement, promising that if re-elected he would pursue a policy of “green” for the next five years, while Marine Le Pen showed himself to be a “housewife”. Environment. ”Very fragile.

In the final week of the campaign, which begins with Friday’s election peace and Sunday’s polls, next Wednesday’s televised debate looks decisive.

This important meeting, which has been organized since 1974 between the two rounds of the presidential election in France, will be held on Wednesday by a journalist from the public channel France 2 and the private channel TF1.

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Against the backdrop of a frantic campaign, and at a time when the far right appears closer to power than in the past, this debate could mark a turning point.

In 2017, the debate was devastating for Le Pen, who appeared frantic, aggressive, and unprepared against Macron, and many analysts believe the debate largely contributed to his failure.

Five years later, Le Pen, who has improved his image, refined his platform and campaigned more closely with the electorate, also appears to be a “president.”

“I’m ready because I’ll gained experience, I’re worked on the project and tuned my project (French) with them, and I brought it closer to their facts and expectations,” Le Pen said last Friday. On Saturday, he said he was “very promising”.

On the other hand, the outgoing president’s entourage acknowledges that he does not underestimate this “very close” debate.

Macron is expected to try to defeat his opponent on his platform, especially highlighting the radical aspects of his campaign on immigration and institutions.

The day after Macron (27.8 per cent) won the first round (23.1 per cent) over Le Pen in the first round on April 10, both contestants returned to the campaign as they intensified their field trips, meetings with the public and radio. And television interventions.

After a short break, Le Pen will rest for the Easter holiday yesterday and today, while Macron will return for interviews today (Monday).

Le Pen, according to its environs, is due to make a trip before returning to preparations for the debate on Wednesday, and he will hold his last important meeting on Thursday in the Aras in northern France. Macron will resume his last trips before the election, with both candidates claiming no less than a “clash of civilizations”.

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