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The latest men’s watches for 2022 .. “Apple” has been upgraded and “Casio” is back.


Thanks for reading. Read the news: The latest men’s watches for 2022 .. “Apple” has been upgraded and “Casio” is back

Basrawi News Encyclopedia – Nasreen Hadi wrote: For men only

There is nothing more classic accessory than a watch because it is one of the essential accessories that can be worn at all times, whether formal or informal occasions, and since men do not like many accessories, the choice of their watch is the perfect way to express their personality, because they complement their look and complement their look. They give them sophistication and luxury, so it is good for men to have more than one watch to suit different occasions.

According to Mensheld, “Basravi News Encyclopedia” presents you with a collection of popular watches for 2022.

The latest watches for 2022

Fossil Knitted Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

This watch is inspired by the military, the bracelet and case are made of stainless steel, and the face is black and white, making it easy to read, while the lens is anti-scratch, suitable for casual looks and you can. Combine it with casual clothes.

Gucci Watch, this watch is inspired by a skateboard, and Gucci features many of the famous luxury elements, the interchangeable crocodile leather strap gives you a vintage feel, this watch comes with 3 windows, each indicating the hour, minute and date.


Casio A1000MG-9VT Watch

Designed in stainless steel and mineral glass, Casio’s primary digital watch collection is designed to balance nostalgia with work life, with this classic design going with most looks from sportswear to tuxedos.

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Nomos Metro 38 Silver Watch

Made in Germany, this elegant watch features a stainless steel case and soft leather band that will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

Watches for a casual look


Casio Sport Diving Watch in Black

If you are looking for a stylish diving watch but your budget does not allow, consider this low cost watch from Casio, which is easy to read the numbers and comes with many features including water resistance up to 200 meters.



Apple Watch Series7

Almost 6 years after the launch of its first smartwatch in 2015, Apple continues to introduce a new member of the Apple Watch family. With a larger screen, improved durability and high-speed charging, it is a functional watch that fits every look.

Thanks for reading. Read the news: The latest men’s watches for 2022. “Apple” has been upgraded and “Casio” is back. End of message

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