June 25, 2022

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The first session of the Iraqi parliament was held "without a chancellor" and he was transferred to al-Mashhadani Hospital

The first session of the Iraqi parliament was held “without a chancellor” and he was transferred to al-Mashhadani Hospital

The new Iraqi parliament failed to elect a speaker on Sunday, its first session, as the session was adjourned for further discussions, Reuters reported.

Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, the council’s senior leader, was injured in a stampede inside the church and taken to hospital. Video clips of the moment he was carried on his shoulder:

This clip indicates that Al-Mashadani was taken by ambulance:

And reported A reporter for the Iraqi News Agency (Sense) later confirmed his condition.

Al-Mashhadani chaired the first session of the new parliament.

AFP reports that there was an argument between the delegates during the first session.

“The session started naturally, under the chairmanship of the age leader, the constitutional pledge was taken,” Amin, MP for the Islamic Union of Kurdistan, told AFP.

He added, “Then the Coordinating Framework (which includes Shiite parties, including forces loyal to Iran) submitted a request to confirm that they were the largest bloc, with a total of 88 delegates, and then the age leader asked to verify this. They attacked him. “

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Rad al-Tahlaqi, a representative of the “Takadam” constituency led by former parliamentary speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi, confirmed to the AFP that “there were arguments between the Chhattisgarh constituency and the integration structure. The largest constituency.”

After some time of chaos, the session resumed under the leadership of Khalid al-Taraji of the Sunny “Azm” coalition (14 seats). Following that, he announced that he would nominate Mohammed al-Halboosi (37 seats for his constituency), 41 and Mahmoud al-Mashhadani for the post of Speaker of Parliament from Azm, according to a media report.

This was followed by a secret ballot to elect the Speaker of Parliament.

The newly elected Iraqi parliament began its first session on Sunday, paving the way for a new government.

Parliament is scheduled to elect a speaker and two representatives, and lawmakers will then elect a new president who will set aside the largest parliamentary session to form the government.

The Iraqi News Agency reported that representatives of political constituencies held private meetings ahead of the first parliamentary session.

“Representatives of the Chhattisgarh camp held a meeting of the House of Representatives before today’s parliamentary session,” the agency added, explaining that “they were wearing armor during the meeting.”

The Chhattisgarh movement already has the largest constituency with 329 seats in parliament, with a total of 73 members.

As for the State of Law Coalition, they also held a meeting chaired by MP Advan al-Advani. Representatives of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan were preparing for the first session at the Rashid Hotel, led by Hoshier Jeffrey.