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The league reveals all the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Zfold 4


Leaks about the new generation Samsung foldable phones, especially the vertically foldable Galaxy ZFold 4, continue.

Samsung plans to launch a new generation of its foldable phones later this year, and the company is looking to make further improvements to this type of phone that is relatively new to the market, with a focus on competing to attract more users.

According to the latest information released by Yogesh Barr’s account leaked on Twitter, all the specifications of the upcoming Galaxy ZFold 4 have been revealed, especially the improvements that will be added to the Samsung cameras compared to the previous generation.

Samsung Galaxy Zfold 4 Specifications

The phone’s internal foldable screen will be 7.6 inches like the previous generation, while leaks suggest that the company will improve the quality and reduce the curvature of the hinges.

The exterior screen is 6.2 inches and of course both screens will be AMOLED with 120 Hz image refresh rate and the resolution will remain the same, though with slightly different ratios than the previous generation.

As for the camera, Leaker has confirmed that the main lens on the back of the Galaxy ZFold 4 will have a 50-megapixel sensor – not 108 megapixels as some rumors have it in the past – but this is still a good thing and an improvement. In this lens compared to the 12 megapixels of the third generation.

Samsung has decided to upgrade the zoom lens on the Galaxy S22 Ultra because it will be 3 times closer than the previous generation 2x, while maintaining the same 12-megapixel resolution. The third lens is dedicated to taking the same, ultra-white pictures.

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The selfie camera on the inner screen is 16 megapixels, which is similar to Fold 3, while the outer screen on the leaker does not confirm the specifications of the selfie camera, so it will be 10 megapixels as before.

From the inside, the Galaxy ZFold 4 will come with random memory capacity with two options, the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus processor, first generation, 12 or 16 GB, while the same storage capacity options will start from 256 GB.

Coming with 4400 mAh capacity and 25 watts charging speed, this phone will maintain the battery capacity like the previous generation.

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