January 29, 2023

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The leaked benchmark results showcase the capabilities of the new Mac Studio

MacRumors reports that if the leaked criteria are accurate, the new Mac Studio could easily outperform the more powerful and expensive Mac Pro, which are key results of the Geekbench 5 program testing a PC’s processor capabilities.

Mac Studio comes with 20 cores of M1 Ultra Processor and scored 1,793 points on single-core tests and 24,055 points on multi-core tests. Pro who scored 1152 and 19,951 points in the same tests.

These results indicate that the M1 Ultra is 21% faster on the multi-core and 56% faster on the single-core, compared to the 28 cores on the Mac Pro. Single-core performance means the M1 Ultra is faster than the Xeon W, albeit with fewer cores overall.

Although these benchmark results have not been definitively verified, they are realistic and comparable to the performance improvements that Apple is releasing at its latest event revealed by Mac Studio and M1 Ultra. The latter basically connects the two M1 Max chips together and acts as a very powerful behemoth.

The reference to Mac Pro was shockingly brief at the end of the March event, and Mac said that Mac Studio would fit between Mac Mini and Mac Pro when Mac Studio came to power, while acknowledging that Mac Pro now exists. The company’s last Mac did not switch to the Apple M1 chipset.

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