March 28, 2023

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The "liberal democrats" in Germany are paving the way for a new government led by Schulz

The “liberal democrats” in Germany are paving the way for a new government led by Schulz

Berlin – AFP
Germany’s new coalition government following Angela Merkel’s government on Sunday lifted a new ban on the Liberal Democratic Party’s alliance with center-left Social Democrats and Greens.
A further 92.2 per cent of the 660 party delegates gave the green light to join the new coalition, and the Greens are expected to announce the results of the referendum on Monday, a day after the Social Democrats reached an agreement at a special conference. .
The deal is expected to be formally sealed on Monday, with parliament preparing to elect Social Democrat Olaf Scholes as president on Wednesday.
Christian Lindner, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, called for the coalition to push for a “new beginning in Germany” and called for support for the deal.
“Germany is looking forward to this new beginning,” said Lindner, who is preparing to accept the post of finance minister.
Under the blueprint drawn up by the new alliance, all three parties seek to stop the use of coal by 2030, not by 2038, while putting 15 million electric cars on the roads and intensifying the construction of new homes. The cost of housing should be kept at an acceptable level.
Meanwhile, the coalition aims to return to the sacred rule of no debt by 2023, allowing the government to borrow billions to finance the recovery from the Govt-19 epidemic.

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