February 7, 2023

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The long awaited new feature of "Tick Tock" by content makers

The long awaited new feature of “Tick Tock” by content makers

The new feature will be tested from Thursday, and will allow content creators to “generate expected monthly revenue” and customize their live broadcast in their personal style.

Apps has also released numerous videos of the creators praising the offers their fans receive when they subscribe, including the use of custom emojis linked to their world during conversation during the broadcast.

This feature is similar to the formula adopted by the Twitch operating system, which specializes in Streaming Video games and contributed to their success.

Although everyone can watch the streaming video, only subscribers can use multiple emojis in the chat window to write their comments.

The site also allows owners of paid subscriptions to display a badge indicating their seniority, and they can participate in a dedicated “chat”.

Intends to apply Tick ​​tock Beginning with the introduction of a new feature in beta mode for a limited number of content creators, it will expand its scope to include people over the age of 18 and at least a thousand users following their accounts.

In early May the company announced that it was considering sharing advertising revenue with the most important content makers on the platform, thus approaching the model adopted by competing sites.

“Tick Tock”, which has become a major platform for broadcasting videos, has been criticized by billions of users for not providing a way for content creators to effectively monetize their content, especially during the Covid-19 epidemic.

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