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Details of the success of 10 scientific research projects funded by 200 thousand pounds at the University of Alexandria.. The university launched an initiative to encourage researchers to submit 72 projects. Researchers in applied science research


Alexandria Asma Ali Badr

Friday, 09 June 2023 at 01:00 PM

Scientific research is at the forefront of the interests of major countries as it is the main engine for the progress of countries. University of Alexandria In line with the State Plan 2030, to make progress in all fields, including research and science, “Alexandria University’s initiative to support researchers, especially scientific research is one of the most important strategic pillars. Adopted by the University of Alexandria and a fundamental pillar in the transition towards a knowledge-based economy, it supports international scientific publication through grants and financial prizes to researchers who publish in internationally classified global journals. , highlighting outstanding, successful and applicable research results, improving the research status of scholars and providing them with diverse experiences, as well as supporting research and innovation and creating a sense of scientific competition among all Alexandria University affiliates..

Launching the initiative

Alexandria University launched an initiative to support researchers through the Project Management Unit at Alexandria University.72 Researchers submitted 72 proposals in various scientific fields, and 10 projects won total funding of 200,000 pounds per project..

Alexandria University President Dr. Abdel Aziz Ghanzouh affirmed that the initiative came with the aim of encouraging researchers to increase their productivity of applied science research and support the research community..

Alexandria University seeks to support researchers and scientific research in all research fields and provides all facilities to researchers through the Faculties and Project Division in the Engineering Faculty of Alexandria University..

The winners of this initiative are Dr. Iman Muhammad Thabet, Dr. Reham Abdel Halim Abu Al-Wafa, Dr. Nahla Muhammad Salah Hamuda, Dr. Berihan Al-Zahar, Dr. My Mahmoud Saleh, Dr. Shaima Al-Mursi, Dr. Mahmood Amar, Dr. Salam Koraydem, Dr. Sameer Amar, and Dr. Rathwa Sodur..

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Project Division to support researchers

Deputy Managing Director, Project Management Division, Alexandria University, Dr. Tina El-Khair, The Project Management Unit at Alexandria University aims to manage all research projects that take place at Alexandria University and are funded by several institutions. , whether local or international, submit their research and finalize the necessary documents to apply for research projects and how to obtain appropriate funding and technical and financial support.

This division helps researchers to form an appropriate working group of researchers from all faculties, and it serves all faculties of Alexandria University and not the specific expertise of postgraduate students, final year students and degree programs, final year students of programs. Implementation, provision of all available facilities and grants and provision of training courses and workshops. Helping not only students but also faculty members in their research projects .

He noted that he was distinguished for pioneering and helping to bring to light outstanding research projects at Alexandria University, including energy, water and medical expertise. Contributing to finding solutions to epidemics and providing vaccines.

The Project Management Division has facilitated more than 100 projects, with funding starting from 75 thousand to 15 million, which varies depending on the project, specialty and capabilities, including projects that exceed large funds. .

There are award-winning projects, and Alexandria University won awards at the Cairo Innovation Fair, which was an outstanding participation, and the university won first place, second place, and a silver medal in innovation. New and renewable energy. .

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