May 28, 2023

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The mad Newcastle dog was the talk of England after his strange behavior with Arteta

Everyone wants to get enough attention, but Jason Tyndall, Eddie’s assistant at Newcastle United, wants to get all the attention by himself and that’s what caught the attention of the fans.

Tyndall was famous for being a constant presence in pictures at Newcastle matches throughout the season, before Eddie Howe was the first to shake hands with other players and coaches of rival teams, which clearly happened with Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta in the last round. of the English Premier League.

The 45-year-old coach posts so many pictures of himself shaking hands with the coaches that he puts himself in the middle of the team’s celebratory photos with every win, prompting fans to create a Twitter account titled “Jason” in his name. Tyndall likes to be the center of attention.”

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” confirmed that the matter had become the talk of the locker room, earning Jason the nickname “Crazy Dog” for his actions and dedicating an account on Twitter mocking him. 48,000 thousand followers.

For his part, Eddie Howe said about the matter: “We spent half an hour laughing with him about some of the things that appeared on this account, it’s crazy how social media can create this, Jason is a good-looking young man who likes to show a lot of positive energy around everyone”.

Newcastle are having a remarkable season in the English Premier League, finishing third in the table and are considered one of the strongest candidates to qualify for next season’s Champions League.