March 25, 2023

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The main faces in Sudan are liberation ... and the hunger strike

The main faces in Sudan are liberation … and the hunger strike

Continuation of previous steps ruledRelease of many political prisoners in SudanOn Saturday, authorities released Sudanese Congress leader and former cabinet minister Khalid Omar Youssef from a detention center in the intelligence service.

Khartoum’s ousted governor Ayman Khalid and the commission’s finance commissioner, Maher Abu al-Gauk, and Congress party political secretary Sharif Mohammed Othman were also released.

First pictures

The first pictures of the minister at his home in Khartoum, when activists posted on communication sites.

The move comes after the party announced yesterday that several political prisoners were on hunger strike.

Khalid Omar Youssef

He said in a statement that the prisoners, led by Khalid Omar, were engaged in the first open hunger strike today because of what he described as “arbitrary detention that has continued since the twenty-fifth of October.”

The previous group of politicians released on Thursday night included Mohammed Naji al-Assam, chairman of the Professionals Council, Abdullah Hamdock, a former media adviser to the prime minister, and Faisal al-Silik. , As well as Sudanese Congress leader Nooruddin Salah al-Din and Sennar al-Mahi Muhammad Sulaiman ex-Wali.

Also, a few days ago, security officials released Omar al-Dikhair, leader of the Congress Party, Vice President of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – Yasser Armon, former Hamdock adviser to the Northern Province, Ali al-Sanhuri, leader of the Sudanese Ba’ath party, and Sadiq al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, a member of the Ummah party.

When Dozens more have been arrested, According to activists and civil society groups.

As mentioned The political agreement was signed on November 21 (2021) At the Presidential Palace in Khartoum, an arrangement was made between Hamdock and Army Chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan for the release of political prisoners, a condition the Prime Minister had adhered to during previous talks with military elements. , Following the dissolution of the government, placed him under house arrest for weeks.

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