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The University of Sharjah wins the Environmental Public Speech Competition


Dubai: “Gulf”

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, the Emirates Environment Working Group completed the 21st edition of the Environmental Public Speaking Competition between colleges and universities, which took place over two days at the Dubai Knowledge Campus with the participation of 73 student groups of 440 people. Students from within and outside the country.

The participating teams competed in 4 titles.

The University of Sharjah won the competition trophy, where its students scored the most points in the curriculum.

Sustainable living: Won the competition on the path to a greener future. Manipal Academy of Higher Education – Dubai, and the Environment and Education. , University of Sharjah and the topic of Integrating Environment and Technology .. Solution for Sustainability? Princess Noora Bint Abdul Rahman University – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Habiba al-Marashi, chairman of the committee, said: “I am amazed at the level of honesty and thinking among today’s students. The research they present on the competition platform, the thought-provoking critical statements, their stated interests and constructive solutions are all very valuable entries that we need to implement for rapid change towards a sustainable future.

In his inaugural address, he added: It is always an honor to work with various companies to achieve successful projects. Only through partnership and collaboration can progress be made in achieving environmental sustainability goals. I am very pleased to have the support of DB World, which has joined as a major supporter of this unique environmental education project. In addition, obtaining the sponsorship of the Ministry of Education is an example of the prestige of the competition.

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For his part, Dabworld UAE’s Personnel and Managing Director Nabil Gait said: “Our partnership with (Emirates Environmental Working Group) is an important opportunity as we work to achieve a common goal (dbworld) (dbworld). Is environmental sustainability.

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