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The market value of cryptocurrencies fell to $ 952.17 billion


Prices of most cryptocurrencies fell 1.3% on Monday, compared to the previous day, due to fears of a resurgence over the past two days. The market value of cryptocurrencies fell 1.3 percent to $ 952.17 billion, with cash flows at $ 62.95 billion in the last 24 hours.

Over the past two days, the market value of digital currencies has soared to more than $ 100 billion, from close to $ 870 billion to close to $ 970 billion. The price of Bitcoin fell 1.22% to $ 2,1184.4, and the market value of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency reached $ 404.38 billion.

Ethereum fell 1.98% to $ 1215.97, while Binance Coin fell 0.75% to $ 237.4, while Cardano lost 1.24% to $ 0.4989, while Ripple fell 2.06%. $ 0.36038. Polkadot price fell 1.61% to $ 7.96, while Dogecoin price rose 12.69% to $ 0.076785.

The Fear and Greed index data showed significant improvement in recent readings as the Fear and Greed index rose from 6 points, the lowest level in the index for more than two years, to 14 points. For the second day in a row, the Fear and Greed index recorded 14-point levels, consistent with the continuation of the Bitcoin trade above the $ 20,000 and $ 21,000 levels.

According to the Fear and Growth Index reading, the average for the last week was 6 points, while the index’s monthly average recorded 12 points, both of which indicate that the market is in deep fear.

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