March 23, 2023

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The McKinsey case targeted Macron just days before the presidential election

The McKinsey case targeted Macron just days before the presidential election

On Saturday, the French Senate issued a statement MacronInstead of seeking local companies and French experts.

Observers view the case as “political corruption” for Emmanuel Macron, who led the presidential election, while his advisers were forced to clarify the matter.

According to Shear Khalil, a journalist living in FranceThe London newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Lewandt, McKinsey, and its contacts with the French advisory file “cannot be said to have placed the French president in a tragic situation or to have slandered him in the current French presidential election, while at the same time opposing Macron’s policies and past mistakes, even before analysts and politicians oppose them.” -We can say that the Ukrainian situation has increased his chances and opened the door for a confrontation with the French right and far right.The Russian side in exchange for European support for the cause of the Ukrainians in the face of the Russian war machine.

In a statement to Sky News Arabia, Khalil explained, “These are all Macron’s mistakes and previous presidential promises and the failure to deliver on those promises, but this time the situation is different. Europe Ukraine is in danger, and Russia’s European supporter will be the loser party in this unfortunate war. No, this file is weak because of their tough and extremist stance against refugees and immigrants and their clear support for the Russians. Ukraine“.

Khalil says Macron has made good progress in the past … Mary Le Pen Leader of the French far right and its allies from the right.

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He pointed out that the Macron government and his team have a number of justifications on the issue of company status.McKenzieThis should not be called a “corruption” because the French and Europeans in general are concerned about the Ukrainian issue and other important issues, such as the Russian encroachment on the region and the US exaggeration in defending Ukraine with slogans. And slogans only.

Finally, Galilee clarifies: “Macron and his government have made many mistakes since taking office or presidency in the country, but the political and military situation in Europe is different, and many of Europe’s internal problems will be relegated to another level, and external risk will be a priority for Russia’s stability. And Russia’s progress towards Ukraine will be the most important issue in all European forums. French electionsTherefore, Macron’s chances in the face of the right and far right in France have changed for the better and are great. “

The McKinsey case erupted on March 16 when the Senate released a statement revealing that Macron and his government relied on private consulting firms, including McKinsey, an American firm that specializes in advising governments and private companies. The company was accused of “excessive profiteering” in France and “failing to pay taxes in full.”

The report shows that spending allocated by some French ministries in the consulting sector rose from 379.1 million euros in 2018 to 893.9 million euros in 2021, much to the annoyance of the public. Senate Who inquired to understand the implications of this case.

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