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Today, 1.8 million pilgrims from 150 countries flock to Jamrat al-Aqaba.


Today, pilgrims to the Holy House of God continue rituals, the first of which is the Ifa Tawaf and the throwing of the Great Aqaba Jamarat in Mina, after the Saudi Ministry of Haj and Umrah announced the victory. The total number of pilgrims this year was 1,444, 1,845, according to the Saudi Statistics Authority, the General Authority announced yesterday, despite the absence of pilgrims yesterday, with the completion of expansion and augmentation activities for Arafat Mosque and Mina Mosque. 150 countries.

The pilgrims spend the night in Mustalifa after departing from Arafat, where they perform the greatest pillar of the Hajj, in a scene of reverent and peaceful faith.

Earlier yesterday, the Saudi Hajj and Umrah clarified that the commitment percentage of cargo has exceeded 98%, according to the number of means of destination transport, which is 20 thousand buses, frequent and traditional in all modes of transport. Utilizing full capacity to transport pilgrims via Holy Sites train.

The flow of devotees is steady

Also, the pilgrims were transported easily and easily according to the schedule mentioned for it, and after leaving Arafa from hair to hair, according to the plans arranged for it, the pilgrims performed noon and afternoon prayers at Arafa. Smoothly according to Mustalifa’s plans as they had specified, they then overflowed into Mina’s hair.

He pointed out that this success was thanks to the concerted efforts of the transport system and service providers, and the commitment of the pilgrims to the programs set up for them.

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Notably, the ministry demands that pilgrims be transported by buses, adhere to the timetable and provide a guide for each bus. According to the designated paths for each center, with the aim of helping them perform their rituals with ease and ease.

Saudi Arabia’s Hajj and Umrah Minister Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabi’a during a press conference yesterday confirmed the initial preparations for this year’s Hajj and established a center to manage all tasks and projects in a comprehensive and coordinated manner. All government departments say: “We find that the promotion and expansion program this year has been made easier and easier.” The results are out from the initial date.

Smart card

Regarding the use of smart technologies, Al-Rabia explained: “We have developed and expanded the services of a smart card for pilgrims, so that pilgrims can access their locations within the holy places, and we have collaborated with specialized organizations on maps to ensure that the sites of campaigns are reflected in electronic systems.”

Pilgrims at Arafat

It is noteworthy that the General Authority for Statistics announced that the number of pilgrims coming from outside Saudi Arabia and from Arab countries (346,214) was 21%. In Arab countries, their number was (1,056,317), the proportion was (63.5%), while, excluding Arab countries, the number of pilgrims from African countries was (221,863), the proportion was (13.4%). Pilgrims from Europe, America, Australia and other unclassified countries reached (36,521) with a rate of (2.1%).

Regarding arrival patterns of pilgrims from outside the Kingdom, (1,593,271) pilgrims arrived through air ports, (60,813) pilgrims through land ports and (6831) pilgrims through sea ports.

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The Commission pointed out that the number of countries benefiting from the Makkah Road Initiative has reached seven countries and the number of beneficiaries (242,272) of the pilgrims reached their immediate residence.

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