November 29, 2022

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The Miami Heat lost over the Eastern Conference at the American Basketball Association

The Miami Heat fell to the Brooklyn Nets 95-110 and suffered a new loss in the NBA.
Sharjah 24 – Azad Khalil:

The Miami Heat gave up its lead at the Eastern Conference, after a poor performance, with Kevin Durant and Brooklyn creating a fourth defeat 95-110 in a row to his buds in the Nets.

Durant had 23 points, Seth Corey had 17 points, and Andre Drummond had 13 points and 11 rebounds, bringing Brooklyn’s seventh win in nine games.

For his part, Miami suffered their fourth consecutive defeat this season, the twenty-eighth defeat compared to 47 wins this season, less than one percentage point behind the Philadelphia 76ers, in his presence (46-27).

“We don’t care if we’re scared, but yes, we need to fix some things,” heat player Kyle Lori explained.

“This is one of those matches where you have to really say OK. We have to do things. That’s what happened tonight.”

In Miami, Pam Adebayo was the top scorer with 14 points, while star Jimmy Butler scored just seven points.

“We need to find ways to get more shots and slow down the process of losing the ball,” Lori explained. “On the defensive side, we need to know where we want to be at all times. We still have some hesitation.”

The win is the Nets’ 35th win of the season, compared to 39 defeats this season, and is eighth in the Eastern Regional Rankings, three games behind the sixth-placed Toronto Raptors, who finally qualified for the “playoffs”.