March 23, 2023

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The Netherlands drew with Montenegro in the European qualifying round

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The Dutch national football team drew 2-2 with Montenegro in the ninth round of Group G of the European Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar on Saturday, beating Turkey’s Gibraltar 6-0 and Norway’s 0-0 draw with Latvia.

Montenegro’s Ilia Vugodic scored in the 82nd minute and Nikola Wozniacki in the 86th minute to give the Netherlands a penalty kick in the 25th minute and Memphis Debay in the 54th minute.

In the standings the Dutch team increased its score to 20 points, while Montenegro increased its score to 12 points in third place.

In the second match, the Turkish team defeated its guest Gibraltar 6-0 to retain their chance of qualifying for the World Cup.

Kareem Akturkoglu scored for Turkey in the 11th minute, Hall Dorovichoklu (two goals) in the 38th and 41st minutes, Marih Demirel in the 65th minute, Serdor Dorson in the 81st minute and Mert Mulder in the 84th minute. .

Gibraltar’s Jace Olivero was sent off in the 22nd minute.

The Turkish team increased its score to 18 points, with a goal difference against Norway, with Gibraltar in last six without credit.

In the third match the Norwegian team fell in a goalless draw against their guest Latvia.

Norway lifted their score to 18 points, trailing by a goal difference over Turkey, lifting Latvia by six points, finishing fifth before the last.