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The monkey is not like the corona. Experts explain the reasons for that


Many global health experts have dismissed the recent outbreak of monkeypox as a “global pandemic” similar to the corona epidemic.

Commonly recorded infections with the virus are found in Central and West Africa throughout Europe and the United States, affecting even those who do not travel to Africa or have clear contact with travelers to the continent.

Site Exchange NPR Dr. Rosamund Lewis, head of the World Health Organization’s Greatness Secretariat, said that “monkeys and corona are two different diseases.” Monkey pox is more difficult to spread than Govit-19.

Micrograph of the monkey box virus

Scientists have been studying monkey flu since it was first discovered in humans 50 years ago, and the similarities between greatness and greatness can be counteracted in as many ways as it is against bigotry.

As a result, scientists already know how monkeypox spreads, how to deliver it and how to treat and control it, giving health officials a better position than they were surprised to see the appearance of the covid and that it spread quickly.

The monkey box spread usually requires very close contact – often skin-to-skin contact, or prolonged physical contact with clothing or bedding used by the infected person.

In contrast, COVID-19 spreads quickly and easily, and the virus can be spread by talking to another person, sharing a room, or in rare cases, even if the infected person has been in the room before.

The classic symptom of monkey pox is a rash, which often starts on the face and then spreads to a person’s nostrils or other parts of the body.

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“The incubation period from the onset of the virus to the onset of the lesion is about five days to about 21 days, so it can be very long,” the website said.

Experts say that the current eruption has seen some different forms, especially since the rash first starts in the genital area and may not spread throughout the body.

“It’s not a disease you like if you pass someone at the grocery store,” Dr Jennifer McCuston of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told a news conference Monday.

Those most at risk, he said, were close contacts of the victim, such as family members or the health workers who treated them.

“We have been seeing for years that isolating patients is often the best way to deal with cases so they can not spread the virus to close family members and loved ones, and to follow up with patient contacts in advance so they can monitor the symptoms,” McCaston said.

With this virus, people usually recover within two to four weeks, scientists have found, and the mortality rate from it is less than 1%.

Public health officials, including the World Health Organization, are hopeful that the effects of monkey flu will not suddenly increase.

Because monkeys are closely related to malaria, there are already vaccines, and malaria, which kills millions of people each year, was eradicated in the 1980s through a successful global campaign for vaccines.

The World Health Organization claims that the measles vaccine is 85% effective against monkey flu, although its effectiveness declines over time.

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Some countries, including the United States, have strategically placed measles vaccines in case the virus reappears.

The FDA already has two vaccines for use against measles.

One, a two-dose vaccine called Genius is allowed to be used against the monkey box.

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