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The most expensive coffee in the world: Black Ivory


Much less known than her boyfriend, “Kopi Luwak” (or civet coffee), but then much more expensive, I present to you Ivory Black!

And yes, you might have expected to find here an article dedicated to the famous coffee harvested from civet droppings in Indonesia… But no, the most expensive coffee in the world is actually the one harvested in elephant droppings!

Is there an interest in tasting?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance (yet) to taste this very original and expensive coffee…you might understand why!

Apparently, from customer reviews on the site and from information that I could find on the Internet, it seems that this coffee is especially smooth and pleasant to drink. Its roundness and exceptional body make it a truly different drink from all the other coffees out there. Apart from other types of coffee that may pass through the digestive system (kopi luwak, jackfruit coffee…).

If I ever get the chance to taste black ivory one day, I’ll come and update this article!

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Rare coffee at 2000 euros per kilo

The most expensive coffee in the world is not the most expensive by chance… In fact there is only one place in the world where it is harvested. This is an elephant sanctuary in Surin Province, Thailand.

There are just under 200 elephants in this sanctuary and while they each need plenty of food, luckily they don’t just eat coffee cherries.

In fact, they are given coffee cherries, mixed with all other foods that are good for animal health. And be careful, we don’t give them any cherries! These are carefully selected by hand by coffee growers. This is an Arabica coffee that grows at an altitude of (1,500m) and we take only the best ripe and juicy cherries!

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It takes about 33 kg of cherries to make 1 kg of Black Ivory coffee. Even with so many elephants, it is therefore difficult to produce this coffee in large quantities.

Black Ivory is produced only in one place and in limited quantities, which is why it is rare and therefore expensive.

According to various sources I have seen, we refer to the sale of coffee at 1700 euros per kilo. Looking directly at the online store, we prefer today that the price per kilogram is about 2,300 euros. You can actually buy a small packet of 35 grams of coffee for 81 euros.

I think we are not bad in terms of price! It is indeed the most expensive coffee in the world!

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