June 7, 2023

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العثور على صغير "ماموث محنط " عمره أكثر من 30 ألف عام

“The most important discovery in mythology” .. The corpse of an extinct animal “is properly preserved

On Tuesday, miners in Canada discovered a small “mummified mummy” that predates the Ice Age and is more than 30,000 years old, according to the website.Scientific warning“.

Gold miners have discovered a “properly preserved” baby uncle in the Klondike area of ​​the Yukon Territory.

The mammoth discovery area is located in areas inhabited by indigenous peoples in Canada.

He named the baby Mumtaz, believed to be female, “Nan Ju Ka”, which means “big baby animal” in the Han language of the region.Press release for local authorities“.

The government of the Yukon region of Canada announced the discovery and compared it with previous discoveries of mammoth corpses buried in 2007 in Permafrost, Siberia, Russia.

Officials said the Canadian mammoth was “the most complete in North America” ​​and the second such invention in the world.

He said the woman was about the size of a small Siberian mammoth named Lopa, discovered in 2007 and was about 42,000 years old.

According to the channel, the discovered female mammoth is one of the most well-packed ice age animals ever found in the world, said archaeologist Grand Jazzula.Weather Channel“.

He continued, “The miner made the most important fossil discovery in North America.”

Archaeologist Don Sugar described the discovery on his Twitter account as “the most amazing scientific thing he has ever been involved in”.

The mammoth roamed the earth about 4,000 years before it became extinct, the size of an African elephant, and the first humans hunted it for food and built tools and houses using its bones and ivory.

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Scientists are divided over whether hunting or climate change wreaked havoc on themBusiness Insider“.