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The most important writing and writing centers of Hamad bin Sarai and Awad al-Dharmaki


Sharjah – Gulf

The Sharjah Book Authority organized a session at the headquarters of the authority, “My Experience with Writing: Stations and Challenges” within the activities of the “Emirati Book Fair”, during which it was chaired by Professor of History Dr. Conducted by Hamad bin Sarai. Hosted by the University of the United Arab Emirates and Emirati writer Awadh bin Hassoum al-Dharmaki, and poet Sheikh al-Mudari.

The session was attended by Sultan Al Amimi, President of the Emirates Writers and Writers Association, Qawla Al Mujaini, Director of Exhibitions and Festivals of the Sharjah Book Authority, Fadel Bosim, Director of the Eastern Regional Authority and the team. Intellectuals and those interested in the issue of knowledge.

Cultural promotion

Speaking during the session, Dr. Hamad bin Sarai, writing training at the university level contributed to refining his experience in research and writing, pointing out the need for the writer to develop his research culture in references and old books; It enables him to establish himself as a writer with many talents to provide useful material to the readers, whether in the fields of literature or in the fields of research and applied sciences.

Within his historical expertise, Drs. Hamad bin Sarai noted that in the field of history, especially in ancient history, the researcher must have the tools necessary to write in this precise field of knowledge. It allows them to read ancient languages ​​and access notes and inscriptions that help them in their research and research paths.

Pioneer experiences

In turn, Awad al-Dharmagi saw that the Emirati writer should export his knowledge products to the world, pointing out that many Emirati writers with pioneering experience deserve to be highlighted, and that the results of their scientific experiences should be placed here. Is at the forefront of Arab and international works, and stressed that the Emirati writer needs support to showcase his creativity and ability to be present in the cultural scene.

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Al-Darmaki stressed on the tools that sustain a professional writer, who reads the most, who qualifies him or her for the writing tools, and points out the importance of reading, which contributes to creating the rich balance of knowledge that a professional writer deserves. Encouraged and appreciated for its impact on improving the self-confidence of the new writer.And the ability to continue to progress in the writer world.

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