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The movie that scared Americans…the ghost of a little girl staring at the camera


In a strange incident similar to that shown in American horror films, a woman tells an incredible story that happened to her, and she gets no explanation or answer.

The story begins when Ashley Meredith, an American mother, was out having dinner with her family when her phone issued an alert from a baby monitor placed in the house, even though no one was around at the time. For a report in the British Daily Mail.
The warning increased her anxiety, especially since she was sure the house was empty at the time, and she first suspected it was a break-in or burglary, and the suspicious image sent by the baby monitor spread fear through her.
When Ashley immediately opened her phone to check the message, she saw a blurry picture of a little girl looking straight at the camera!

The photo showed a young woman with black eyes looking directly into the camera lens.

“I have no words because I don’t understand what it is, I showed it to many people and they also don’t know what it is,” said the mother.
Ashley also said there are no toys in her home or near her son’s bed.

The mother posted a series of videos on her TikTok account in which she tried to make sense of the strange incident.

She revealed that the camera WiFi baby monitor she used cost $208 and only malfunctioned once.

Ashley used AI to improve the blurry photo and also used a ‘ghost detector’ filter to check if anything was caught on camera.

But both experiments produced an image of a young woman staring into the camera.
Additionally, according to Al-Arabiya.net, thousands were equally horrified and demanded that Ashley leave the house entirely.

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One commented that baby monitors have been known to pick up images from other cameras in the area if they are connected to WiFi.
Some may have picked her face from the packaging or the toy in the background, while others laughed at her story.

It is reported that the family moved into their house only five months ago, but they have not seen any other strange activity.

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