March 25, 2023

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The National Archives and Library enriches the International Translation Conference with innovative topics and research

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The National Archives and Library have received the finale of the program for the second edition of the International Translation Conference, entitled “Translating and Preserving the Memory of the Nation: The Image of the United Arab Emirates in Culture, Literature and the World’s Intellectual Heritage”, and its activities will continue from tomorrow, Monday to Friday, May 13.

The National Archives and Library recognizes this International Conference on Translation as the cross-fertilization of civilization and the link between knowledge and cultural exchange between civilizations. It is concerned with the history of the United Arab Emirates and its ancient heritage. In the future, once the National Library is established, it will enrich its content with the results of the translation movement in its various fields and disciplines.

70 researchers

The topics of this great conference, which will be attended by more than 70 researchers, experts and experts from 25 countries from all over the world, are different from what is being discussed: the role of translation in promoting the United Arab Emirates and its cultural heritage. Twenty-first Century, Contemporary Translation Problems Between Theory and Practice, Machine Translation Challenges and Cultural Issues between Languages, Differences in Cultures and Language Systems, Educational Approaches to Translation, Culture and Literature Different Challenges of Translation Developing Universities in the UAE and Arab Countries , The role of translation in preparing translators for the labor market, translation paths between modernity and rooted tradition, the challenges of translation and strengthening national identity, contemporary approaches to translation and culture, and the promotion of Emirati civilization achievements worldwide.

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This conference contains numerous pioneering studies and research in various fields of translation and they are intertwined with many fields related to the social and human sciences. Among the most important research papers presented at the conference were: University Professor Igor Mavier Lupljana in Slovenia, Problems in Slovenian Translation and Dr. Pingamton University in New York, USA. Tariq Shamma’s study: Translation theory and study on “Legacy as a Condition for Creativity” by Dr. A.S. Jamal Muqatla: “Representation of Intellectuals: Multiple Readings and Intermittent Translations” and a keynote address by Professor Terence Craig of Mount Allison University of New Brunswick, Canada: “Postmodernism. The Translator’s Stumbling”, and by Dr. Chatterjee Syed of the American University of Sharjah: “The Role of Universities in the Translation Curriculum and the Production of Translators for the Labor Market” and Dr. Raja Lahyani from the United Arab Emirates in a study on the methods of training university students in literary translation methods and Dr. Haj Mah al-Habib’s Algeria in Search of the Genius of the Place and Its Various Consequences ” Daphnemia in the United Arab Emirates “.