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The National Service University determines the procedures for enrollment in a semester


Nasser Al Jabri (Abu Dhabi)

The National and Reserve Service Commission has set up procedures for enrolling in a new university semester, indicating that there are key procedures, indicating that the student is in the second group of the 16th National Service, which will begin next December, during the full-time morning shift in the first semester of the current academic year, to enroll in the university course. .
Within his official sites via social media, he explained that students from the second group will be allowed to complete their university studies after joining the National Service Program, as educational institutions operate remotely. The education system, based on coordination with the National and Reserve Service Commission, allows students from the second group to enroll in university studies for the first semester 2021-2022, noting that the Ministry of Education will go to educational institutions in the country during the first semester of the 2022.2023 academic year. He noted that if the final exams are held in January and the evidence is brought in, students from the second group will be allowed to take the final exams at educational institutions.
He noted that the priority for admission to the first group of the 16th batch, which begins next September 12, will be 80% or higher equivalent for high school students. The registration and medical exam requirements will be for the remaining sections of the second group, where text messages will be sent announcing the date of joining the course, indicating that the course is optional at the university. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, in accordance with the admission criteria and policy of educational institutions. The Commission allowed the postponement of the National Service Program for Medical Specialists, requiring universities in and outside the country to submit the required documents to recruitment centers such as a copy of the educational qualification. , On average 85% or more, and a certificate of approval to study medicine in education and other required institutions.
For students who have a score of 90% or higher or equivalent and who have obtained the results of the English language test “EMSAT”, on average 1250 or higher, students who wish to drop nationality. Service plan and full university courses, they will be allowed to do so after graduation. Based on the procedures followed in this regard, they should study distance education in the evening during the active service corresponding to the first semester of the university in September 2022 to successfully complete the basic training.
The Commission pointed out that the university course will be in the evening of the actual service phase, as educational institutions use the distance education system, due to the difficulty of getting to and from the university site, where the student will be provided with study materials and equipment, and a copy of the study schedule to be allowed to attend the recruitment course and exams.

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Specific dates
He pointed out that if the official working hours coincide with the date of university examinations, a copy of the recruitment education schedule should be provided to the unit or institution where he is in the active service phase. Exam dates are valid within a reasonable time.

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