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The NBK group discusses mental health development policy


The committee, chaired by Abdullah al-Sharhan, the council’s second vice-chairman, resumed its discussion on the policy of the Ministry of Health and Social Security on improving mental health at the Council’s headquarters in Dubai today, Monday, during its meeting with the Federal National Council’s Health and Environmental Affairs Committee.

The meeting was attended by group members: Sumaya Abdullah al-Shuwaidi, group correspondent, Asra Hassan bin Raqat and Muhammad Ahmad al-Yamahi.

During the meeting, the group’s chairman, Abdullah al-Sharhan, discussed the general topic, and reviewed a special report on the group’s six field trips to see services provided in the mental health services. Many government hospitals, as part of its program, discuss the policy of the Ministry of Health. Social security to promote mental health.

He added that the report included the team’s findings from field trips to Al Amal Hospital and Rashid Hospital in Dubai, Al Qasimi Hospitals in Sharjah, Kuwait and Korbakan, and Fujairah Hospital in the Emirate of Fujairah. Energy efficiency from the availability of beds and medical equipment for health services and treatment programs provided to auditors of mental health departments and how to deal with them, and to deal with all cases.

The opinions, recommendations and observations of the medical, technical and administrative staff working in the hospitals were reviewed, the needs of the auditors were identified, and various age and psychiatric related services are provided, including social psychology service. Criminal Psychiatry and Psychiatry for psychiatric patients in their homes for consultation and communication with the internal departments of all hospitals, the outpatient psychiatric service and the 24 hour emergency psychiatric emergency service.

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Nama al-Sharhan noted that the final report of the panel contained a number of recommendations in order to contribute to raising the level of services in hospitals in the field of psychiatry in line with international standards. .

He explained that the Committee discusses the policy of the Ministry of Health and Prevention on the promotion of mental health into multiple axes: the Ministry’s role in promoting and expanding the policy and strategic plans of the Ministry in developing policies and laws on mental health, and integrated mental services, and prevention of mental disorders in community members. The role of the Ministry in cooperating with the relevant authorities to implement the Mental Development Policy and the services provided.

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