June 6, 2023

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The Nigerian military refuses to target fishermen in airstrikes

The Nigerian military refuses to target fishermen in airstrikes

Abuja – AFP
The Nigerian military has declared that the airstrikes on a rebel camp in the northwest of the country last Sunday were “precise and professional.” This was in response to allegations that he had mistakenly killed more than 20 fishermen at the time.
The attack was linked to an airstrike by a military warplane on the village of Taban Masara in Qatar on Sunday; Eyewitnesses confirmed that more than 20 fishermen were killed there. In response to these allegations, the Nigerian Air Force said in a statement: “Investigations have been carried out to ascertain the presence of terrorists and the air strike was carried out accurately and professionally.” . ”
The report did not mention any effect of the raid, nor did it directly deny the killing of civilians. “Related to fishing.
He continued, “The decision to launch the raid was made after ensuring that nearby public meetings were not on the line of fire and that a precise strike would disrupt the logistics movement of ISIS organizations in West Africa and neutralize them.”
For 12 years, government forces in Nigeria have been waging a war against armed insurgency in neighboring Niger, Chad and Cameroon. The war left at least 40,000 dead and two million displaced.

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