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«نوبل» حددت آليات جديدة لمنح الجائزة.  أرشيفية

The Nobel Faith Crisis came after a series of moral and political scandals

Alfred Nobel is an international award for excellence and creativity in various fields 120 years ago. The academy has also formed a committee to discuss the crisis and has identified new avenues based on the re-awarding of the award in 2019. The book, published in Cairo under the title “Nobel Prize – The Crisis of Hope” by journalist and author Azmi Abdel Wahab, tracked the course of these practices, and includes a record of some Nobel laureates since the book was founded and the reasons for awarding them. , And he stopped at important points in their lives, political and social backgrounds, conflicts and the situations that arose with them.

The book observed that no other Arab writer other than Nakuif Mahfouz had won a prize in the field of literature, and in exchange for six prizes for Polish authors, the name of a poet was leaked from them, in which the awards for the session were announced. She was elected, and in their case the prize was only a “cat’s claw” in the Western struggle with the Communist East, and the prize was awarded to the British politician Winston Churchill, who was not involved in literary writing. Russian Pasternak, who wrote the propaganda novel “Dr. Shivako” against Russia, was portrayed in a negative light. Given the fact that ineligible people like American singer Bob Dylan received the award, the writer wondered if it was logical to accept the justification for awarding the award to Dylan. (Nobel) ”, expressed his surprise that the award had nothing to do with the terms.

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The book points out that the award has historically overlooked outstanding thinkers and inventors such as Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychology, who has been on the award list for 12 years, which the panel ended up writing under his evaluation form. There is no need for a comprehensive inquiry into Freud’s issue unless his works are of any scientific use. ” It also ignored Tolstoy, Henrik Ibsen, Emil Zola and Mark Twain. If the 2018 report took advantage of the opportunity to re-prioritize the award and eliminate its political affiliations, it would have prevented Arab writers and poets from receiving it, among other things. The high level of some Arabic characters, and the fact that it has been received in recent years by unknown individuals without literary production, qualifies it to receive the world’s greatest prize in terms of quantity and quality.

In its introduction, the book notes the rejection of international writers for the award, saying, “I forgive Nobel for inventing dynamite, but I do not forgive him for inventing the Nobel Prize.” Rejecting the award, Boris Pasternak said that for political reasons, the award-winning Latin American writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez “did not deserve the award like the dead, and the award was not given.”

The book covers the perspective of a large group of Nobel laureates, and provides a concise biography of each of them, highlighting the most important features that distinguish them, namely the poet’s architect Prudhomme, the only historian to have won the prize, Theodore Mousen. , Jose Corodic, who died after receiving the French Northern language pioneer Frederick Mistral and Nobel Kipling, was accused by the British Empire poet Gunaud Hamson of supporting colonialism, and as a boy he was considered a shoemaker by Anatole Franz, an opponent of the French Revolution. , Taha Hussein and André Gide, a friend of the Arabs and John Steinbeck, the owner of The Grapes of the West and a friend of the then US President Johnson.

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In its special chapter on the international novelist Naguib Mahfouz, the book reveals new secrets, a blonde German who is attached to him and visits him every year, and the heart of a French fan is a love letter to him. After a “train ticket” in France.

The award ignores top thinkers and inventors such as psychology founder Sigmund Freud on its list for 12 years.

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