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Integration of home furniture .. Support for mental health

Integration of home furniture .. Support for mental health

Inquiry: Maha Adele

Home decor is a concept that is attached to the minds of some with the meaning of luxury, high cost and sometimes unimportant because there are those who consider the design and home integration of decor to be unnecessary and unthinkable. Planning for it or that, so spending, but recent studies emphasize the importance of a relationship where the home connects with its occupants, and this relationship is generally based on a sense of comfort, security and relaxation in the home. Home comfort and serenity seat. Therefore, homeowners need to take care of providing the elements of comfort and positive energy when choosing home decor in many ways including how to integrate the furniture and choose the appropriate colors. , And use the spaces in a way that is good, so the house can be a source of family stability, happiness, mental health and positive energy for its members. In the following lines, we try to learn about the experiences of some families and how to integrate and decorate a home in a way that supports their comfort and mental health.

Sahar Ali, a housewife in Dubai, talks about the amount of interest she has in integrating home decor and the impact it has on her psychological comfort. Provides empty spaces that allow for smooth flow between corridors, and I have benefited a lot from my research on the fine arts in understanding the mechanisms for distributing natural or electric lighting in the home and its impact on the family mood. An element of light-like decor can provide psychological peace and relaxation in the home, and even a simple change in home decor, i.e. changing the layout of the furniture can have a huge impact on the positive energy of the family for me and it.

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Laila Nada, who works in Ajman, said: “Focusing more on decorating the house and adding more expensive decorations can be very stressful economically. That’s why decor stores are one of the places I don’t like when shopping, and I never try to enter them or know what they offer, especially since I think there are ways to make the house more beautiful, because combining furniture and colors is so comfortable and so healthy, because decorating the house is the most important thing. I think I was interested in cleanliness, simplicity, tidying things up and avoiding clutter, perfumes and the like. Perfumes and different types of incense in the corners of the house, they really give the house a special and unique glow, I like it because it adds life to the corners of the house.

Mohammed Aladdin, who works in Dubai, says: Changing the decor of the house and decorating it to suit the tastes of the residents may not be expensive, but it is very simple and straightforward and has a huge impact on the psychological state. The whole family, although happiness is an inner feeling, there are external stimuli to renew it, and the thing is that in my opinion it does not need to spend or waste money or chase new trends and extreme civilizations. I’m interested in encouraging my children to feel refreshed and practice drawing hobbies, for example, changing the location of the TV library and dining room, for example, to enhance our interaction with the home and redistribute them. , Color and drawings they like. I put them in a colored wooden frame and hung them on the walls of their room.

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Psychological stability

Psychiatrist Dr. Ibrahim Chad talks about the importance of beauty and colors to enhance our lives and health: Choosing happy colors in the outfit that add beauty and splendor to the space can help improve the mood of family members and ensure that natural sunlight enters the interior. The house helps to increase the feeling of confidence and positivity. Focusing on the presence of plants in the home is one of the elements of beauty and affordable psychological comfort, and the successful selection of furniture locations and good distribution of spaces and lighting are important elements in improving the lives of families and enhancing their potential. Communicating well with each other.What supports the physical and psychological health of its occupants because the home is an oasis of security and psychological stability for family members, the elderly and the young.

Organize your home .. Organize your life

Solaf Shaker, a trainer specializing in aerospace science, tells us about the most important rules for arranging a home and furniture to ensure family happiness.

Determining the size of the furniture on this basis.It is necessary to avoid the accumulation of furniture in the house, to prevent the passage of energy between its parts.It is desirable to use quiet lighting in the corners of the house; It promotes peace, comfort and tranquility, and it is important to incorporate wood elements into pieces of furniture such as desks and libraries.

Others, wood gives the home a sense of warmth and stability, and the use of circular shaped dining tables to facilitate the flow of positive energy into the home is one of the most important elements to consider. How to choose the appropriate colors for each room, walls or furniture, energy paths, although they do not seem, it directly affects the mood of the family. There the family gathers in white to give comfort, and the walls of the house are in brown and its shades.

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