March 29, 2023

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The Olympic torch for the 2022 Winter Games arrives in China

The Olympic torch for the 2022 Winter Games arrives in China

Beijing – AFP
The Olympic torch came on Wednesday in Beijing, which will host the Winter Games in February 2022, after a struggle by activists in Greece.
An official ceremony was held at the Olympic Tower, a huge 200-meter-tall steel building north of the Chinese capital, where the flame will be placed.
The children’s choir caught fire before being transferred to the cauldron of Chinese Communist Party Secretary “Gui Ji” in Beijing.
In addition to the “online relay”, with the participation of “about 1,200 torch bears”, the “traditional torch relay” will take place on the competition sites from February 2-4, 2022, on Wednesday.
He seems to have pointed out that this three-day relay will only be in the country.
About 2,900 athletes from 85 countries are taking part in the Games, which run from February 4 to 20.
In this case, the Chinese capital will become the first city in the world to host the Winter Games after hosting the 2008 Summer Games.
As happened at the time, calls were made abroad to boycott the Olympics, and before the security forces could stop their movement, two protesters stopped the torchlight in Greece for a while.
On Tuesday, political activists called on the International Olympic Committee to postpone the Olympics.
The tournament will be held in light of the ongoing epidemic of Govt-19, and the difference from the empty stadiums in Tokyo will be huge because the matches will be held in public, but tickets will not be sold to people living in China.
The Asian country has greatly limited the influx of foreigners since last year, and was able to remove the “covid” from the spring of 2020, with the exception of a few springs, to prevent re-infection in its soil. To the authorities.
Athletes participating in the Beijing Olympics will have one of two options, they will receive the full vaccine, or be subjected to 21 days of isolation as soon as they arrive.

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