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The production of “The Hole” made me realize the interest of the cast


Having played many roles as an actor he recently decided to sit in the producer’s chair and look at things differently and make sure it helped him learn a lot of things. He got into production, but it was his journey. In the official competition for short films at the Cairo Film Festival, it was a dream come true in their first experiences, but at that point Qasim is trying to get a fight to get back to his seat as an actor again. To present almost 4 works between cinema and television, conducted a conversation with him in which he revealed many details.

He was recently a guest of honor on the series “The Last Scene” … Tell us about this look?

As a guest of honor on the episodes of the series titled “Bahabak Mud” I was introduced to the character and my appearance by director Christoph M. When Saber delivered, I did not hesitate, because the character was written strongly and differently. The characters I played, even though it was many small scenes, in which I gave a strong love story with Salma Abu Daifu, but at the same time were full of dangers, and gave the role of Youssef entering into a romantic relationship with Rana. But he found out that his wife had betrayed someone, and before he could sign, he found out the matter and threw her into the sea so that he would not reveal his secret to his wife, the truth is, I was very happy with that experience.

Kareem Qasim

Did you feel that joy while preparing for the production of “The Hole”?

– I certainly felt the couriers of its end. The difficulty of the productions behind the camera, I felt that we as actors were more comfortable compared to other film careers, so after that experience I decided to act again for a while and then get ready for the production of another short film.

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How did you find that step? Does being an actor help you?

– Learning many things in the midst of their difficulties was an important step, but as an actor, I was able to see things more clearly through the production step. The producer does all the details of the film from the beginning of the production until the film is shown. To the audience, he is a person who can discuss all aspects of the industry, but he does not impose his opinion, and he has to trust the work and be able to choose the most suitable for the work he is producing. And finally creates a positive environment for a successful job.

Kareem Qasim

Kareem Qasim

But this subject was not limited to my experience from the works I participated in, but also through study. I studied production in a workshop with producer Mohammad Sameer, and this workshop added a lot to me, and I also studied filmmaking at USC University. , I learned production, editing, photography and motion, and they are all areas that any producer should understand, and I also had previous experience with sitting in another workshop where we worked together for 5 minutes on a small project, which gained experience, and “outdoor night “I will never forget my participation in the film, which made a lot of sense to me about stage post filmmaking.

Tell us about the working scenes in the movie “The Hole”?

– Two years ago, when Amr came up with the idea for me, I was immediately excited and, without guessing, told him I would make it. We worked like a beehive, producing or preparing workshops. It took almost 18 months. , And we work together on the film. We were given enough time to prepare and film, which took 3 days, but the corona virus crisis forced us to stop for a whole year. I actually got their help, for example, by reducing the duration of the film to 22 minutes initially, then 18 minutes, then 16 minutes, and making a number of changes professionally. We are not into editing, mixing and music, we were in a hurry, after the ban was lifted, we filmed the day before, I think it would not take the same time if the experience was repeated, because we were. We teach ourselves when doing this project.

Kareem Qasim

Kareem Qasim

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How was the film first screened at the Cairo Film Festival?

– I did not think we would participate in a festival like El Gauna because it was our ambition, but when we submitted it and accepted the work on 22 films, everyone was proud, especially high. Of the 5,000 films that applied to participate in the competition, the film competed among adults with films from Korea, the United States, France and other countries.

Do you have a lot of work to do in the future?

– I’m currently working on a film with Hota Al-Mufti, whose original name was “An Extraordinary Night”, directed by budding director Ahmed Biali and Ihab Al-Zarqeni, and the yet-to-be-recognized “Wealth Risk 3” in mid-2022 next year. And will start shooting for “Free Time 2” and will also star in the “Uturn” series with star Reham Hajjaj and run a Ramadan race. , With the character “Khalid”, is scheduled to finish filming character sessions with The Work Team and start filming the series soon, and this is the second time we’re involved in the television work. A pre-collaboration between us in the series “When We Were Young”, and the work was a huge success during its presentation.

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