January 30, 2023

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The reason for the absence of Renard in the Saudi-Colombia match

The reason for the absence of Renard in the Saudi-Colombia match

Herv Renard – Coach of the Saudi national team

Saudi 360 – Hussein al-Sadiq, director of the Saudi national team, explained why French coach Herv Renard did not attend Al-Akhtar’s friendly against Colombia on Sunday.

A health model prevents Renard from leading Saudi Arabia against Colombia

Al-Sadiq said in a televised statement before the match that Herv Renard would miss the Saudi-Colombia match tonight due to health issues and that the tests carried out by the coach were promising.

Al-Sadiq pointed out that Renard would not be at tonight’s meeting on the recommendation of the attending physician and that his assistant Laurent would be tasked with leading the Green Falcons against Colombia.

The Saudi national team is playing its first friendly match against Colombia at the current camp in the Spanish city of Alicante, as part of the first phase of preparations for the 2022 World Cup, which begins in November.

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The Saudi Arabian national team will play its second friendly match on the ninth of this month at its current camp.

The Saudi team started its match against Colombia today, with the basic formation: “Mohammed al-Owais, Nasser al-Dosari, Ali al-Filahi, Hassan Thimphukti, Sultan al-Kannam, Hatton Bahfri, Salman al-Faraj, Abdullah Atif, Khalid. Al-Kannam, Abdullah Al-Hamdan, Firaz Al-Brighan.

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