March 20, 2023

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The reforms are aimed at achieving justice and resisting the theft of people’s money

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Tunisian President Guiz Syed announced the reforms, its phases and dates, aimed at defending independence, achieving justice and confronting all those who have plundered the money and resources of the Tunisian people.

This came during a phone call to the Tunisian president today, “Saturday”, from French President Emmanuel Macron, where Syed stressed, “Sovereignty belongs to the people, the source of all power, and no one can claim to be legitimate. Establish yourself as a legislator that has absolutely nothing to do with the will of the Tunisian people.

According to a report released by the Tunisian Presidency and a private radio mosaic, the two leaders discussed “Tunisian-French relations in the economic field and issues related to bilateral cooperation in all fields”.

According to the Tunisian Presidency, the call was an opportunity for President Syed to explain “a number of issues, including the stages and outcomes of the situation in Tunisia.”

The Tunisian president pointed out that “the rumors circulating in some media and on social media have nothing to do with reality:” Unfortunately, many parties against democracy, freedom and justice seem to have listened. But these are ears that spread lies and lies, in exchange for large sums, with the intention of hurting Tunisia and the Tunisian people.

Saeed further stressed that “it is paradoxical that those who pretend to be victims of tyranny, who want to return to it, conspire against their homeland with no motive other than money. It is attacking homelands and nations from within.”

For his part, the French president reaffirmed his country’s support for Tunisia, especially in the economic sphere, and expressed “an understanding of the many issues and difficulties that Tunisia faces.”

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